Whom we are

Professional trajectory

Otero-Trans has a trajectory of more than 60 years specialized in the transport of liquid food stuff by highway.

The company was founded by Vicente Otero Perez in 1946. The principal activity was consisting of mixed transport. A few years later, in 1960, the Cisterns ADR (transport of dangerous goods) division was born, with headquarters in Madrid. In the posterior years, the company was evolving and in 1970 it added to his business the food division.

Otero-Trans Otero-Trans

The company was founded by Vicente Otero Perez in 1946.

Otero-Trans cuenta con una flota de vehículos de última generación.

Our coverage inside the European Community includes all the available roads for transport by truck. The guarantee of a service quality is supported by our experience and the confidence that companies of prestige, in the national and international food sector, deposit in us. Nowadays, it is specializing in the food division.


We have the logistics means and necessary human beings to take our projects to the practice. For it, we keep impeccable the conditions of functioning and the cleanliness of our vehicles and cisterns.

Fleet of vehicles

From always we have trusted in the best marks for the incorporation to our fleet of vehicles of last generation, endowed with the most modern advances. Our cisterns offer all the guarantees of hygiene, protection, isolation and offer the maximum safety for the transport of the merchandise.